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Ivan Ivanovich Garanin

Ivan Ivanovich Garanin

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored coach of Kazakhstan
Date of birth 01.08.1945
Region Akmola
Biography Results

Born in 1945 in the village of Sokolovka, Kustanai region. He started skiing after the army service, where he successfully competed in cycling and later fulfilled the standard of the Master of Sports of the USSR. During the first appearance at the Kazakhstan championships where he represented Kustanai region, he was spotted by senior national coach V.Y.Filimonov who offered him to do this sport professionally. And they were not mistaken.

As told by Filimonov, Garanin was one of the most dedicated and disciplined students. He was one of the first in the country to do large volumes in cyclic work, which exceeded 11 thousand kilometers per year. Garanin’s determination, will power and calmness helped USSR skiers to take a high place. On the ski track he was a fan favorite, it was not for nothing that people respectfully called him Ivan Ivanovich.

During the time as a member of the USSR national team (1971-1978), he twice won bronze medals at the ХІІ Winter Olympics in 1976, was silver medalist at the World Championships, seven times was the national champion, five-times winner of the Spartakiad of Trade Unions of the USSR and twice bronze medalist at the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR (1974)

Ivan Ivanovich Garanin is an honored coach of Kazakhstan. He was a senior coach of Kustanai region. Currently, he actively participates in the World Championships among veterans and, as a rule, becomes medalist in his age divisions.

Date Competition Discipline Result
08.02.1976 Innsbruck 1976 Winter Olympics 4x10 km relay 3
07.02.1976 Innsbruck 1976 Winter Olympics 30 km 3
21.02.1974 Falun FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 4х10 km relay 2